Ancient ‘city gates’ in Phimai town

Like other towns and cities in Thailand, Phimai town has a set of ancient gates.

Pratu Chai – Victory gate. It is the south gate.

Pratu Pee – Ghost gate. It is the north gate.

Pratu Hin – Stone gate. It is the west gate.

( The Thai word for gate or door is pratu – ประตู)

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Phimai Historical Park

Phimai is most famous for the Phimai Historical Park.

The temple, Prasat Hin Phimai, is the central attraction of the historical park and was one of the major Khmer temples in ancient Thailand. It was connected with Angkor by an ancient Khmer highway, and oriented so as to face Angkor as its cardinal direction.  Most buildings date from the late 11th to late 12th century and are built of sandstone or laterite blocks.

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Hospitals and medical care in Phimai

In Phimai town, there are two hospitals, a medical centre and some clinics.  The main government hospital in Phimai is called Phimai Hospital – Rong Payaban Phimai (โรงพยาบาล พิมาย). It is located in Phimai town. Telephone number: 044-471288.

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An introduction to Phimai

Phimai is the name of a small town and district in the province of Nakhonratchasima in the north east of Thailand. The town has a population of about 10,000 people and it is well known for its historical park. More on that later.

Location of Phimai in Thailand

The name Phimai is one word with two syllables. The syllables are pronounced similar to the two English words Pea and My (Pea-my). You will often see Phimai spelled in Roman letters without the h (Pimai), and in fact I often spell it that way but the blog address was not available. In Thai, Phimai is spelled  พิมาย.