Phimai Historical Park

Phimai is most famous for the Phimai Historical Park.

The temple, Prasat Hin Phimai, is the central attraction of the historical park and was one of the major Khmer temples in ancient Thailand. It was connected with Angkor by an ancient Khmer highway, and oriented so as to face Angkor as its cardinal direction.  Most buildings date from the late 11th to late 12th century and are built of sandstone or laterite blocks.

Phimai Historical Park is located in the centre of Phimai town.

The Historical Park opens daily from 7:30am to 6pm. Entrance to the Historical Park costs THB 20 for Thai people and THB 100 for foreigners. If you work or live in Thailand you might be able to get in for the Thai price. No guarantees.

 .Below is video footage taken inside the Phimai Historical Park.


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