Ancient ‘city gates’ in Phimai town

Like other towns and cities in Thailand, Phimai town has a set of ancient gates.

Pratu Chai – Victory gate. It is the south gate.

Pratu Pee – Ghost gate. It is the north gate.

Pratu Hin – Stone gate. It is the west gate.

( The Thai word for gate or door is pratu – ประตู)


Below is a picture of pratu chai – Victory gate.

Pratu chai ancient gate in Phimai, Thailand

Pratu pee and pratu hin (below) are both in the process of being restored.

Below is a picture of pratu pee – Ghost gate.

Pratu pee ancient gate in Phimai, NE Thailand

Below is pratu hin – Stone gate.

Pratu Hin ancient gate in Phimai, Thailand

The fourth, eastern, gate seems to have long disappeared. If we look at a map of Phimai and see where the other ancient gates are located, we can perhaps guess that the fourth, eastern, gate was located somewhere near wat bung.

Ancient gates in Phimai town

In fact,  just off Suriya-utai Road, not far from wat bung, there are some old Phimai sanctuary style stones lying in the grass. It would not surprise me if that is where the fourth, eastern gate, was once located.

Stones in east in Phimai

Were these stones once part of the wall near the old eastern gate?

Stones possibly near site of old eastern gate in Phimai

Stones on land off Suriya-utai Road in Phimai town.


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