Ancient ponds in Phimai

There are several ancient ponds in Phimai town and one just outside the town. The ponds were built in the 12th century and were built to be water reservoirs.

The most common Thai word for ancient pond is sra or sa ( สระ ). Another word is trapang ( ตระพัง ).

Ancient pond in Phimai town - sa gaew

1. sa gaew: Legend has it that many years ago a large glass ball fell from somewhere within the grounds of the now historical park and fell into the pond.  The Thai word gaew means glass. Glass pond. It is located to the south west of the ‘city’ wall. It measures 184 metres wide by 188 metres long.

sa bote ancient pond in Phimai, Thailand

2. sa bote: sa bote measures 134 metres wide and 520 metres long. It is located in the west, outside the ancient Phimai ‘city’ walls.

sa plung ancient pond in Phimai, Isaan, Thailand

3. sa plung: This rectangular pond is 86.65 metres wide and 145.2 metres long.

sa kwan pond in Phimai town

4. sa kwan: This ancient pond is in the grounds of the Phimai Museum. It is called trapang kwan (or sa kwan). It is approximately 80 metres long and 66 metres wide.

Sa pleng ancient pond in Phimai town

5. sa pleng: Legend has it that in the past on nights with a full moon people could hear the sound of songs coming from the pond. The Thai word pleng means song. Song pond.

taa nang sa pom ancient pond in Phimai, Nakhonratchasima, NE Thailand

6. taa nang sa pom: This pond is located just outside Phimai town, not far from the vocational college.

Pond locations:

……….. 1. sa gaew …………………….. 3. sa plung …………………….. 5. sa pleng 

……….. 2. sa bote ……………………… 4. sa kwan …………………….. 6. taa nang sa pom

Location of ponds in Phimai town



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