Transport – Getting to and from Phimai by minibus

There is a minibus service that runs between Korat (Nakhonratchasima), Phimai town and Chumpuang town. The minibus is modern and air conditioned.

Unlike many buses in Thailand, this minibus service only stops at the bus stations in Korat, Phimai and Chumpuang. It does not (and will not) stop anywhere else on the route. The bus station used in Phimai is the ‘old’ bus station downtown near pratu chai ancient gate.

Minibus in Phimai, Nakhonratchasima, Isaan, Thailand


Phimai to Korat:  50 Baht

Phimai to Chumpuang:  31 baht

Chumpuang to Korat (or Korat to Chumpuang):  77 baht

Note: You MUST buy a ticket before you get on the bus.

Minibus Timetable

Phimai, Korat, Chumpuang minibus service timetable, Thailand

The times above were given to me by the minibus company but as with everything, times may change.

For more information on the minibus service, telephone 044-471145, 044-287177 or 0887217782 (mobile)


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