Transport – Getting to and from Phimai by bus

Buses run frequently between Korat city, Phimai town and Chumpuang town. Buses from Korat to Chumpuang via Phimai run every 15 minutes. Buses in the other direction run every 30 minutes at approximately on the hour and on the half hour.

There are two classes of bus and these classes are represented by their colours. The blue and white coloured 2nd class buses have air conditioning. Orange coloured 3rd class buses have only fans and open windows to keep you cool.

2nd class bus in Phimai old bus station

The ticket prices are the same for both classes of bus.  The journey from Korat to Phimai costs 50 baht and the trip from Korat to Chumpuang  via Phimai costs 77 baht. The trip between Phimai and Chumpuang costs 31 baht.

3rd class bus in Phimai old bus station

Buses between Korat, Phimai and Chumpuang stop at both the old and new bus stations in Phimai before continuing on to Korat or Chumpuang. They also pass Phimai Hospital and the town clock.

The main or ‘new’ bus station is located to the west of Phimai town, just off the bypass and near the Phimai Inn. The ‘old’ bus station is located near the ancient gate pratu chai and Phimai Hotel.

Phimai - bus stations and route in the town

Map showing the location of the two bus stations and the bus route in Phimai town.

In Korat, buses depart from the ‘new’ bus station every thirty minutes – on the hour and on the half hour. From the bus station, the buses go past Big C, turn left onto Mitrapap Road towards pratu naam, turn left into Suranarai Road and head towards Joho, passing Ratchapat University (NRRU), Rajamangla University of Technology (RMUTI), the Dusit Princess hotel and the Chamber of Commerce. At the traffic lights at Joho, the bus turns right, goes past the 7-11 and the market before trundling onto the main road towards Phimai. The return journey follows the same route but in reverse.

Korat - Joho - Phimai bus route

Map showing the bus route in Korat city before the bus heads towards Phimai.


3 comments on “Transport – Getting to and from Phimai by bus

  1. Mike Newman says:

    Nice work. It would be nice if more of Thailand’s smaller destinations had informative blogs like this.

  2. phimai says:

    Thanks, Mike. I agree with you about the need for more informative sites about some destinations in Thailand. I hope this blog eventually fills a small gap in our knowledge of the local area and that expats, visitors and even locals might find it useful or interesting.

  3. fanny says:

    Thank you very much for all these informations !!

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