Transport in Phimai – the “song taew”

song taew: These are pick up trucks that have been converted to carry passengers in the back. The pick up trucks have a covered roof and in the back of the pick up truck there are two rows of seats to sit on. The Thai words song taew (สองแถว) mean ‘two rows’.

songteaw rear

In Phimai you will see three different colours of song taew: red, light blue and a darker metallic blue. Each has its own route but there may be variations of a route.

Phimai transport - song taew - red Red: From the main bus station > local government offices (amper) > Phimai secondary school > the old bus station near pratu chai > the town clock > Phimai Hospital > back to the main bus station. Some of them have written on them that they will go past the town clock (hor naleega).

Phimai transport - song taew - metallic blue Metallic blue: These run from Phimai town to villages outside the town on road 206 in the direction of Hin Dat. Some of them do run as far as Hin Dat and some even on to Huay Taleng but mostly they serve nearer villages like Wang Hin, Nikom and  Non-Gra-beuang Old bus station near pratu chai > secondary school > Bann Wang-Hin > Tawi-Song-Kroh > Nikom > Noan-Gra-beuang village. They then turn around and return to Phimai town.

Phimai transport - song taew light blue - baht bus Light blue: From the main bus station > Phimai secondary school > cinema > town clock > Tam Yeah > Talat-care > return to Phimai.

Light blue buses also go to other destinations, such as Dong Yai and even Huay Taleng.

Song taews run from approximately 6am to 6pm.


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