Petrol and petrol stations in Phimai town

There are 4 petrol stations in Phimai town and there is a 24 hour self service petrol pump.

TJ Park petrol station in Phimai town, NE Thailand

Above is the TJ petrol station (TJ Petrol Park) on the bypass near the Phimai Inn and opposite the electricity company local office.

Esso petrol station in Phimai town, Thailand

An Esso petrol station is located at the junction of Road 206 and Road 2175 (the road heading towards Nikom and Hin Dat)

Bang-chak petrol station in Phimai town, Thailand

There is a Baang Chaak petrol station on the road into the town, near the rice cooperative/rice mill and about 500m from Phimai hospital.

PTT petrol station price sign

There is a PTT petrol station not far from the Phimai National Museum, on the other side of the road bridge.

In the PTT sign above, you can see the prices and the colour code for each different type of fuel sold. Red is 91 octane benzine (regular petrol). Orange is 95 octane gasohol (bio-fuel). Green is 91 octane gasohol (bio-fuel). Blue is diesel. Yellow is used for 95 octane benzine (regular fuel) but it is rare to find it nowadays. Petrol prices change quite frequently.

24 hour self-service petrol pump in Phimai town, Thailand

The 24 hour self service petrol pump is located at the junction of Ratchanonilela Road and Sa-Gaew Road, at the house/shop business of the local community leader (poo yai baan). See picture above. As you can see, it sells 91 octane benzine (regular petrol).

Below is a map showing the locations of where you can buy petrol in Phimai town.

Petrol in Phimai town

A=Bang Chaak, B = PTT, C = Self service pump, D = TJ Park, E = Esso

You might also find somebody selling petrol by the bottle. There is such a place in Phimai town opposite the entrance to wat bung (wat burapa).



The PTT petrol station in town is now closed. A sign says it is for renovation but it has been closed for a few months now and I can see no work being done.

However, its closure coincided with the opening of a new PTT petrol station just outside the town, on the road leading to  Korat. The new PTT petrol station has a 7/11 shop and a small food area.




Temples in Phimai town

A blog about anywhere in Thailand wouldn’t be complete without a mention of temples. In the town of Phimai there are five Buddhist temples.

wat burapa in Phimai town, Thailand

The Thai word for temple is วัด /wat and people often use that word with the name of temples. In Phimai town the five Thai Buddhist temples are:

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