The Banyan Tree in Phimai

The banyan tree, or sai ngaam/ไทรงาม in Thai, is a tourist attraction in Phimai town.

Banyan trees in Phimai, north eastern Thailand

The banyan tree in Phimai is over 350 years old. The old tree has spread out laterally using its arial roots and now covers an area of about 35,000 square feet/3250 square metres. The aerial roots of the banyan tree have grown down into the soil to prop up the plant and those roots have turned into hard, woody stems that look like tree trunks.

Tha banyan trees in Phimai, Thailand

A path under the canopy of the banyan tree.

Banyan trees, Phimai, Thailand

Next to the banyan tree there is a large pond with fish in it. At the nearby stalls, you can buy fish food to feed the fish or you can buy small fishes to release into the pond.

Pond at sai ngam, Phimai, Thailand

There is also a restaurant area where you can relax, eat some food or drink something.

Restaurant area at sai ngam in Phimai, Thailand

Below is a map showing the location of the banyan tree in Phimai town, Thailand.

Map showing the location of the banyan tree in Phimai town, in Thailand

Entrance to the banyan tree in Phimai town is free. The gates are closed at about 6pm.