Concerts in Phimai this week

This week for the Phimai festival there are some music concerts being played in Phimai town in the grounds of the local administration office (the amper) on the bypass not far from the police station.

This interactive Google map shows the location of the concerts.

Who’s playing?

Phimai festival music concerts - pop, rock, peua chiwit
Yesterday, the pop-rock singer/guitarist Sek Loso played.

Tonight there is another concert. I think the group is called “Family” (Valentine?) but I’m not 100% sure. I’ve never heard of them.

On Saturday 10th November, Kala (Gala /กะลา) will play.

On Sunday the 11th, the popular Pongsit Kampee (พงษ์สิทธิ์ คำภีร์) – aka Pu – will play.

Here are a couple of songs by Pongsit Kampee that are on Youtube. The first song is about a man who has 11 mistresses. He doesn’t understand how easy it is. It just happens!

I really like this next song. It’s call ‘rien le ngaan‘ – study and work.

If you are in Phimai, why not head along to see a concert. I believe they start at 10pm.


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