Concerts in Phimai this week

This week there are some music concerts being played in Phimai town.

Who’s playing?

Concerts August 2014 Phimai

10 August: Kotiam-Gwian

11 August: Cocktail

12 August: Wong Gang-geng

13 August: Pai Pongsatorn

14 August: Family Valentine

15 August: Pongsit Kampee

16 August: Turbo Dance

The concerts are being held on the land that holds the “eight market”, not far from the Vocational college.

See the location of the “8 market” here:


Birds in Phimai

Here is a selection of photographs I have taken of birds in Phimai district. Some of them were in Phimai town and others outside the town in more rural areas.

Eurasian tree-sparrow PhimaiEurasian tree-sparrow (นกกระจอกบ้าน – passer montanus)

House sparrow in PhimaiHouse sparrow – male (นกกระจอกใหญ่)

Passer domesticus indicus in PhimaiHouse sparrow – female (นกกระจอกใหญ่)

Plain-backed sparrow in PhimaiPlain-backed sparrow (นกกระจอกตาล)

Ashy wood-swallow PhimaiAshy wood-swallow (นกแอ่นพง)

Barn swallow Phimai ThailandBarn swallow (นกนางแอ่นบ้าน)Scaly-breasted munia PhimaiScaly-breasted munia (นกกระติ๊ดขี้หมู)

นกกระติ๊ดสีอิฐChestnut munia / Black-headed munia (นกกระติ๊ดสีอิฐ)

นกกระติ๊ดตะโพกขาว PhimaiWhite-rumped munia (นกกระติ๊ดตะโพกขาว)

นกกระติ๊ดแดงRed avadavat (นกกระติ๊ดแดง)

Asian golden weaver PhimaiAsian golden weaver (นกกระจาบทอง)

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