Dentists in Phimai town

There are two private dental clinics in Phimai town: Phimai Dental Clinic and Dentist Sasirat’s Clinic. There is also a dentist in the state owned Phimai Hospital.

Phimai Dental Clinic (clinic phimai tanta-gam) is located on Chomsin-suda-sadet Road. Telephone: 082-876-8077. It is open everyday. Picture below.

Dentist Phimai

Phimai dental clinic (clinic phimai tanta-gam)

Dentist Sasirat’s Clinic (clinic tanta-pet sasirat) is located on Anantachinda Road. Telephone: 044-481627. It’s open from Monday to Saturday. Picture below.

Sasirat Dental clinic Phimai

Dentist Sasirat’s Clinic (clinic tanta-pet sasirat)

Below is a map showing the locations of the dentists in Phimai town.

Phimai dentists location map

It may be possible to see a private dentist without an appointment.