Phimai in bloom – March 2016

One of my favourite plants in bloom in Phimai in March this year has been the Silver Trumpet Tree (Tabebuia argentea / เหลืองปรียาธร).

Tabebuia argenteaSome of the trumpet-shaped blooms on one of the trees in Phimai.

phimai.wordpress.comSilver Trumpet trees in Phimai.


Volleyball – the Phimai Cup 2016

This weekend sees the start of the annual Phimai Cup volleyball competition in Phimai town, organised by the local government (tetsaban tambon Phimai).  The volleyball court is set up in the town centre at laan promatat, the area of land beside the town clock.

There are different categories in the competition:

  • Primary school boys and primary school girls
  • Local male teams and local female teams
  • Open male teams and open female teams

The matches are scheduled to start at 5pm and finish around 9pm. According to the advertising sign above, the competition takes place over 11 days, from 19 to 30 March. However, information from the local authority has the last day as Sunday 27 of March.

Location map for the Phimai Cup volleyball competition.

Phimai cup volleyball 2016

Action from the Phimai Cup volleyball competition – men above, girls below.

Phimai cup volleyball 2016