Butterflies and moths in Phimai

Here are some photographs I’ve taken of butterflies in Phimai.

Common Birdwing butterfly Phimai ThailandCommon Birdwing (Troides Helena Cerberus)

Tawny Coster butterfly Phimai ThailandTawny Coster (Acraea violae)

Plain Tiger butterfly Phimai Thailand Plain Tiger (Danaus chrysippus)

Common Tiger butterfly Phimai ThailandCommon Tiger (Danaus genutia)

Bluemoon-Great Eggfly butterfly Phiami ThailandThe Great Eggfly or Bluemoon butterfly (Hypolimnas bolina)

Bluemoon butterfly Phimai

A female Great Eggfly

Oriental Grey Pansy Phimai ThailandOriental Grey Pansy (Junonia Atlites)

Lemon Pansy (Junonia Lemonias) Phimai ThailandLemon Pansy (Junonia Lemonias)

Junonia almana in Phimai, Thailand

Peacock Pansy (Junonia Almana)

Peacock Pansy wet season form underside

Peacock Pansy (showing wet season form underside)

Lacewing butterfly in Phimai ThailandA Leopard Lacewing (Cethosia cyane) I think

Tirumala Pimai

Blue tiger (Tirumala limniace)

Pimai butterfly

Lime butterfly (Papilio demoleus malayanus –  ผีเสื้อหนอนมะนาว)

Neptis hylas Pimai

Common sailor (Neptis hylas)
Euthalia lubentina

Gaudy Baron (Euthalia lubentina – ผีเสื้อบารอนเขียวแดงธรรมดา)


Gaudy Baron (underside)

Tree yellow butterfly Phmai ThailandA Tree Yellow butterfly (Gandaca harina) ?

Grass yellow

Striped Albatross (Appias olferna – ผีเสื้อหนอนใบกุ่มเส้นดำ)


Common Pierrot (Castalius rosimon rosimon – ผีเสื้อหนอนพุทราธรรมดา)

And finally a moth

Erebus macrops in Pimai

Great owl moth (Erebus macrops – ผีเสื้อมอธตานกฮูก)

I will add more photographs of butterflies and moths in Phimai when I can.


One comment on “Butterflies and moths in Phimai

  1. Lars-Erik says:

    Very nice picturess

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