This is a blog about Phimai (พิมาย), a small town and district in the north east of Thailand.


7 comments on “About

  1. Pookie says:

    Thanks for good English Phimai information. I got an English local tour guide certificate so I need a lot of English information to interest tourists in Korat.

  2. phimai says:

    Thanks for your comment, Pookie. I’m glad you like it.

  3. maew says:

    Thank you for putting so much effort into sharing all this info about Phimai in English with the world! Looking forward to visit during the festival this coming November, hoping to find out the actual dates soon.

  4. phimai says:

    Thanks maew. The Phimai festival in 2013 will take place from 7th to 10th November.


  5. Kelvin Chong says:

    I am researching some transportation info for a temple in Korat, I understand it is not in Phimai, but could you suggest me anything?
    I will visit Phimai from Korat, while based in Korat, I will visit a temple called, Wat Ban Rai, which has a new elephant structure opened last year. How can I get there? and the cost?

    BTW, my next stop will be Chiang Khan, do you know the bus schedule from Korat?
    Thanks much!!

    Kelvin C.

  6. phimai says:

    Hi Kelvin
    Wat Ban Rai is about 130km from Phimai. It’s about 66 km to the north-west of Korat city and about 11km north of Dan-kun-tot. There might be a bus from Korat city to Dan-kun-tot. From there I imagine there is some local transport like a song-taew or motocycle taxis but I have never used public transport to get there. I don’t know how much the cost would be and I don’t know anything about the bus schedule from Korat to Chiang Khan either. Perhaps you could ask at http://korat-farang.com

  7. Elysha says:

    Awesome source of information! Thanks for putting this together. From Sam Rit Residency.

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