An introduction to Phimai

Phimai is the name of a small town and district in the province of Nakhonratchasima in the north east of Thailand. The town has a population of about 10,000 people and it is well known for its historical park. More on that later.

Location of Phimai in Thailand

The name Phimai is one word with two syllables. The syllables are pronounced similar to the two English words Pea and My (Pea-my). You will often see Phimai spelled in Roman letters without the h (Pimai), and in fact I often spell it that way but the blog address was not available. In Thai, Phimai is spelled  พิมาย.



Welcome to blog.  It is a blog about Phimai (พิมาย), a small town and district in the north east of Thailand. The blog is intended to be informative rather than personal.