Markets in Phimai town

There are five regular markets in Phimai town: the night market, two morning markets, the Monday market and the Eight market.

1. The night market (talat night) is located in Anantachinda Street, in the town centre adjacent to the Town clock. The night market opens daily at about 6pm or just before. Things for sale there include clothes, fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, CDs and DVDs.

2. Morning markets. There are two daily morning markets in Phimai town. One can be found on Buchayan Road between about 4am and 8-9am. This market is also sometimes called talat jor-jair or talat baan-suway. It is a fairly small market that takes place on the street. It sells fresh foods such as fruit, vegetables, fish and meat, some cooked foods, and a small amount of clothing. A bigger morning market takes place in buildings near the main bus station. This market starts at about 2am and continues until 9am or 10am

3. The Monday market (talat jan) takes place on Monday evenings on the streets near the main bus station (from about 4pm to 8pm). Items for sale include clothes, food and household goods.

4. The Eight market (talat pairt) is located on land near Pratu Chai and Phimai Vocational college. It takes place on dates with an eight in them, so there’s an “Eight market” on the 8th, 18th and 28th of each month. The Eight market is open from 6/7am to about 2pm. You’ll find a lot of clothing and fruit for sale there but you will also find household goods (including kitchenware and tools), linen, plants, puppies and pet fish.

Eight market Phimai

The Thai word for market is talat (ตลาด).

Markets in Phimai town

Above is a map showing the locations of the four regular markets in Phimai town.