Phimai in bloom – March 2019

One colourful plant that has been showing well in Phimai this month has been the bougainvillea (เฟื่องฟ้า)

Phimai bougainvillea

It looks particularly nice around the perimeter of the historical park, where it is used as hedging.

Bougainvillea at Phimai Historical Park

It is not the flowers that look colourful, it is the coloured bracts that surround the flowers.

bougainvillea - เฟื่องฟ้า

The flowers are actually white and quite small.

Bougainvillea in Phimai

The overall effect is wonderful.

เฟื่องฟ้า Phimai, Thailand

Bougainvillea plants in Phimai, Thailand.


Phimai in bloom – April 2017

One colourful tree that has been in bloom in Phimai this month has been the Royal Poinciana (Latin: Delonix regia /Thai: หางนกยูงฝรั่ง – peacock tail), also called the flamboyant tree or flame tree due to its large bright red/orange/scarlet flowers.

หางนกยูงฝรั่งThis particular flame tree can be found growing in the area near the Banyan Tree.

Royal PoincianaA cluster of brightly coloured flowers.

flame tree fruitThe above photograph shows the fruit of the tree – a long woody legume.

Delonix regiaA flower of the flamboyant Royal Poinciana tree in Phimai, Thailand.

Phimai in bloom – March 2017

One of my favourite plants in bloom in Phimai this month has been the Golden Shower Tree (Cassia fistula / ราชพฤกษ์  Ratchapreuk). The flower of the Golden Shower Tree is the national flower of Thailand.

Golden Shower Tree (Cassia fistula) in Phimai, Thailand.