Transport in Phimai – the “song taew”

song taew: These are pick up trucks that have been converted to carry passengers in the back. The pick up trucks have a covered roof and in the back of the pick up truck there are two rows of seats to sit on. The Thai words song taew (สองแถว) mean ‘two rows’.

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Transport – Getting to and from Phimai by bus

Buses run frequently between Korat city, Phimai town and Chumpuang town. Buses from Korat to Chumpuang via Phimai run every 15 minutes. Buses in the other direction run every 30 minutes at approximately on the hour and on the half hour.

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Transport in Phimai – the trishaw

In Phimai town you will see trishaws plying their trade. The Thai word for trishaw is sam lor (สามล้อ) which means ‘three wheels’. Trishaws are pedal powered three wheeled cycles in which the customers sit in the back and the trishaw driver pedals the trishaw around the town. I am told that a typical price for a route in Phimai town is about 10 baht.

Trishaw in Phimai town, Nakhonratchasima province, Thailand