Phimai candle procession 2014

In Phimai, as in some other towns and cities in Thailand, a parade or procession is held which is commonly called a candle festival or candle procession. It is a procession or parade of wax decorated floats which have a large candle making up part of the decoration.

Candle parade Phimai 2014

Local temples and people in the local community decorate floats with figures that mostly show Buddhist related themes.

candle procession winner Phimai

The decorated floats are judged and prizes are given to the winners of each category. One of this year’s winners was the float from wat burapa-pimon – shown above and below.

candle procession winner wat bung Phimai

There are also prizes for groups of people from local communities who dress up and enter the parade either walking or with a float. In the morning, the procession goes around the old part of the town starting and finishing at the Town Clock. Prize winners are announced in the area near the Town Clock, marked in dark red on the map below.

Phimai candle procession route 2014

Candle processions in Thailand take place around the start of Buddhist Lent (kao pansa – เข้าพรรษา). The start of Buddhist Lent in 2014 is 12 July. The candle procession in Phimai takes place the day before Buddhist Lent, which is today, 11 July 2014,

Phimai candle procession sign 2014

In Korat, the candle procession will take place tomorrow,  12 July in 2014, the start of Buddhist Lent in Thailand. Buddhist Lent in Thailand continues for three months. The end of Buddhist Lent (ork pansa – ออกพรรษา) in Thailand in 2014 will be on 8 October.


Temples in Phimai town

A blog about anywhere in Thailand wouldn’t be complete without a mention of temples. In the town of Phimai there are five Buddhist temples.

wat burapa in Phimai town, Thailand

The Thai word for temple is วัด /wat and people often use that word with the name of temples. In Phimai town the five Thai Buddhist temples are:

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