Loy gratong festival – How to make your own gratong

How to make your own gratong

It will soon be loy gratong day again. Why not make your own gratong this year instead of buying one? It’s not too difficult if you can get the materials.

making a gratong in Phimai

You will need:
– A slice of banana trunk or foam about 13cm diameter and 3cm thick
– Banana leaves to cover and decorate the base
– Small flowers for decoration
– Three incense sticks
– A small candle
– Scissors
– Pins, toothpicks and a stapler to hold things in place

How to put it together
1. First, check your slice of  banana trunk floats. If it is too thick, it will sink.
2. Cut a banana leaf into strips slightly thicker than the thickness of your base.
3. Pin the strips of banana leaf to cover the edge of the base. Trim as necessary.
4. Place the base on a banana leaf and use a pen to draw around the base. Cut to shape.
5. Pin the round banana leaf cut-out to one end of the stem or foam base. Trim.
6. Make decorative shapes with banana leaf strips and pin them to the base.
7. Decorate the base with flowers. Use pins or toothpicks to stick the flowers to the base. For small flowers, use pins. For bigger flowers use toothpicks.
8. Push three incense sticks into the top of the base.
9. Push in a candle near the incense sticks. You might need to make a hole first using scissors.

Home made gratong Phimai

Just before you launch your gratong into the water, light the candle, making sure the incense sticks start to burn.

In 2015, Loy Gratong takes place on 25 November.


Phimai festival 2015

The annual Phimai festival takes place this year from the 11th to 15th November 2015.

Pimai festival 2015

Events include long boat racing, a Korat cat contest, music concerts and a musical show each evening at the Phimai historical park. Other events will take place and in the centre of the town stalls have been set up that will sell food, drinks and various other items.

Longboat racing Phimai festival Thailand

The long boat racing this year is scheduled for Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 November in the usual location in the town, Lam Jakaraat. Good views of the racing can be had along the sides of the river and from the bridge on Anantachinda Road.

Phiami festival 2015 music concerts

There will be a series of music concerts for five days of the festival – from 11 to 15th November. The Mahahing band kicks off this years concerts on 11 November, Pongsit Kampee will perform on 12th November, Ja Gan Hoo on the 13th November, Labanoon will play on 14th November, and Wong Gang-geng play the final concert on 15th November.  Come to Phimai and enjoy the festival.

The Phimai circuit 2015

The second race in this year’s series of 5km road running races in Phimai town took place this morning starting from in front of the Phimai Hospital.

Phimai 5km race series 2015 start

The full race calendar for the 2015 Phimai circuit is:

1. Saturday 23 May

2. Saturday 25 July

3. Saturday 26 September

Racing is scheduled to start at 06.00.

Phimai road race series

Registration takes place in the hospital car park on the morning of the race.

5km race registration at Pimai hospital

There are various age groups for male and female runners. There is a junior age group for boys or girls under 16, then 16-29 years old, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64 for men, 60 and over for women, 65 and over for men.

Racing age groups

Join in the fun at the next 5km race in Phimai on Saturday 26 September 2015.

Kubota plough racing in Phimai

This weekend sees an unusual form of motor racing in Phimai – racing with ploughs.

รถไถนั่งขับ คูโบต้า Phimai

The event is the Kubota Thailand championships, competing for the Princess Sirindhorn Trophy. Kubota is a well-known agricultural machinery manufacturer in Thailand.

rot tai racing in Phimai Thailand

Today’s racing consisted of just over two laps of a circuit in a very wet and muddy field. Each race saw two teams of two men set off and race their machines around the course.

Kubota plough racing Phimai Thailand

The competition is being held over two days (Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March 2015) at the Phimai Rice Research Centre, which is located on the outskirts of Phimai town at the bypass junction. Events are scheduled to start at 9am. Today’s racing finished at 4.20pm.

Kubota plough racing competition Phimai Thailand

Entrance is free and there is free parking available in the grounds.

Loy gratong in Phimai

The loy gratong festival takes place in Thailand in November when there is a full moon. Loy Gratong literally means “float gratong”. A gratong is typically a small decorated receptacle made from banana leaves and a piece of banana tree trunk, although sometimes they are made of other materials (foam, for example) and sometimes they are very large. The gratongs are floated in rivers, canals, ponds and anywhere else there is water.

Loy gratong PhimaiYou can make your own gratong or you can buy one. You will find many people selling them. Prices vary depending on size. 20-30 baht is common but bigger ones can cost more.

loy gratong in PhimaiA candle on the gratong is lit and often a small coin is also placed on the gratong. Traditionally Thais floated a gratong as an apology for any harm they have done to water in the last year but nowadays people usually make a wish as they launch their gratong.

floating a gratong in PhimaiThe scene can be a beautiful sight for a few hours but in the morning the water is in a  worse state than 24 hours before.

Kratong launch site PhimaiThe loy gratong festival usually includes food, markets, music, singing, dancing and games.

dance show loy gratong PhimaiFireworks are also let off and so are floating lanterns.

fireworks in Phimai for loy gratong

Loy kratong - launching lanterns in PhimaiEnjoy the loy gratong festival in Phimai today,  the 6th of November 2014.

Phimai festival 2014

The annual Phimai festival will be held this year from the 5th to 9th November 2014.

Phimai festivl 2014 phimai.wordpress.comEvents include long boat racing, a Korat cat contest, a bird contest, singing, Thai dancing and a show at the Phimai historical park. Other events will take place and in the centre of the town stalls have been set up that will sell food, drinks, clothing and various other items.

Phimai sound and light showTomorrow, 5th November, there will be a Thai puppet show in the historical park. It is scheduled to start at 6pm.

Longboat racing Phimai festival ThailandThe long boat racing this year is scheduled for 6-9 November in the usual location, Lam Jakarat. Good views of the racing can be had from the bridge on Anantachinda Road.

Concerts Phimai festivalThere will be a series of music concerts on each day of the festival. Bank from Clash will appear on 5th November, Family Valentine on 6th November, Labanoon on 7th November, Malihuanna on 8th November and Wong Gang-geng on 9th November.

Korat cat contest PhimaiThe Korat Cat contest takes place in the afternoon of Saturday 8th November in the local government building (amper). The bird show takes place on Sunday 9th November.


Concerts in Phimai this week

This week there are some music concerts being played in Phimai town.

Who’s playing?

Concerts August 2014 Phimai

10 August: Kotiam-Gwian

11 August: Cocktail

12 August: Wong Gang-geng

13 August: Pai Pongsatorn

14 August: Family Valentine

15 August: Pongsit Kampee

16 August: Turbo Dance

The concerts are being held on the land that holds the “eight market”, not far from the Vocational college.

See the location of the “8 market” here: https://phimai.wordpress.com/2013/07/29/markets-in-phimai-town/