Kubota plough racing in Phimai

This weekend sees an unusual form of motor racing in Phimai – racing with ploughs.

รถไถนั่งขับ คูโบต้า Phimai

The event is the Kubota Thailand championships, competing for the Princess Sirindhorn Trophy. Kubota is a well-known agricultural machinery manufacturer in Thailand.

rot tai racing in Phimai Thailand

Today’s racing consisted of just over two laps of a circuit in a very wet and muddy field. Each race saw two teams of two men set off and race their machines around the course.

Kubota plough racing Phimai Thailand

The competition is being held over two days (Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March 2015) at the Phimai Rice Research Centre, which is located on the outskirts of Phimai town at the bypass junction. Events are scheduled to start at 9am. Today’s racing finished at 4.20pm.

Kubota plough racing competition Phimai Thailand

Entrance is free and there is free parking available in the grounds.


Phimai festival

The Phimai festival takes place each year in November. This year it is being held from the 7th to 11th November. At the Phimai festival you can see a bit of the local culture. There will be sound and light shows at the Phimai historical park, there will be a Korat Cat competition and two days of long boat racing. There will be traditional Thai dancing, singing (including traditional “Korat song”), stalls selling local foods and many other activities. There will also be a series of pop and pop-rock concerts by Thai singers. The concerts will take place in the grounds of the local administration office (amper) on the bypass.

The Korat Cat competition usually takes place on the Saturday and the two days of long boat racing on Saturday and Sunday.

Come to Phimai and enjoy the festival.

Here are some photographs from previous Phimai festivals.

Long boat, Phimai, Thailand

Above: Putting the boat in the water before setting off to the start line.

Long boat, Phimai, Thailand

Below: End of the race for the blue team. Spectators watch from the road bridge.

Long boat, Phimai, Thailand

Below is a photograph taken at the Phimai festival cat show in 2009.

Phimai festival cat show

Below is a photograph taken at the dance contest at the Phimai festival in 2009.

Dance contest at Phimai festival, Thailand

Note: Traffic in Phimai town is much increased during the period of the festival and some roads are blocked or diverted for the five days of the Phimai festival.


Last night Sek Loso played a concert in Phimai. Tonight there is another concert. The group is called “Family” (Valentine?) I think, but I’m not 100% sure. I’ve never heard of them.

Tomorrow night, Saturday 10th, Kala (Gala) will play. On Sunday the 11th, Pongsit Kampee (aka Pu) will play. See the next blog entry for a bit more about the concerts. https://phimai.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/concerts-in-phimai-this-week/