Pictures from Phimai – October 2017

A few photographs taken in Phimai this month.

1. A rural scene only a few kilometres from the town centre.

2. Phimai barrage dam gates fully open.

3. People having fun playing in flood water.

4. Inside the Phimai rice research centre.

5. Inundated trees.

6. Sunset at the bypass junction – 22 October 2017.

7. Rural sunset – 24 October 2017.


Phimai police station – temporary location

The police station in Phimai town has moved to a temporary location. It is now located at the old court building, about 1 mile/1.6km along the bypass from the old location.

Phimai temporary police station

The new location is about 400m from the Phimai Inn and 500m from the PEA office, on the same side of the road.

Phimai police station temporary location 2015

These signs (below) are visible from the bypass.

Signs to Phimai police station temporary location

The old police station has been demolished and a new one will be built in its place.


Phimai police station is expected to be at its temporary location for about a year or so.


Dentists in Phimai town

There are two private dental clinics in Phimai town: Phimai Dental Clinic and Dentist Sasirat’s Clinic. There is also a dentist in the state owned Phimai Hospital.

Phimai Dental Clinic (clinic phimai tanta-gam) is located on Chomsin-suda-sadet Road. Telephone: 082-876-8077. It is open everyday. Picture below.

Dentist Phimai

Phimai dental clinic (clinic phimai tanta-gam)

Dentist Sasirat’s Clinic (clinic tanta-pet sasirat) is located on Anantachinda Road. Telephone: 044-481627. It’s open from Monday to Saturday. Picture below.

Sasirat Dental clinic Phimai

Dentist Sasirat’s Clinic (clinic tanta-pet sasirat)

Below is a map showing the locations of the dentists in Phimai town.

Phimai dentists location map

It may be possible to see a private dentist without an appointment.

Phimai festival 2014

The annual Phimai festival will be held this year from the 5th to 9th November 2014.

Phimai festivl 2014 phimai.wordpress.comEvents include long boat racing, a Korat cat contest, a bird contest, singing, Thai dancing and a show at the Phimai historical park. Other events will take place and in the centre of the town stalls have been set up that will sell food, drinks, clothing and various other items.

Phimai sound and light showTomorrow, 5th November, there will be a Thai puppet show in the historical park. It is scheduled to start at 6pm.

Longboat racing Phimai festival ThailandThe long boat racing this year is scheduled for 6-9 November in the usual location, Lam Jakarat. Good views of the racing can be had from the bridge on Anantachinda Road.

Concerts Phimai festivalThere will be a series of music concerts on each day of the festival. Bank from Clash will appear on 5th November, Family Valentine on 6th November, Labanoon on 7th November, Malihuanna on 8th November and Wong Gang-geng on 9th November.

Korat cat contest PhimaiThe Korat Cat contest takes place in the afternoon of Saturday 8th November in the local government building (amper). The bird show takes place on Sunday 9th November.


Longboat racing in Phimai

Phimai is a great place to see longboat racing. Every year during the Phimai festival in November there is longboat racing. This weekend (11-12 October) saw 2 days of longboat racing in gra-bueang-yai (กระเบื้องใหญ่),  a small village about 4 miles from Phimai town.

Boat racing course gra-beuang yai PhimaiThe longboat race course – a straight line.

longboat racing PhimaiA women’s team winning their race.

Longboat race teams PhimaiTeam colours

boat racing PhimaiThe event was held to mark the end of Buddhist Lent (ork pansa –ออกพรรษา), which was on 8th October this year.

boat races gra-beuang yai PhimaiIt was the 16th annual longboat racing event to be held in gra-bueang-yai, Phimai district.

Next month will see the Phimai festival in Phimai town. Longboat racing is scheduled for 6-9 November in the usual location, Lam Jakarat, with access from Anantachinda Road or nearby. Good views of the racing can be had from the bridge on Anantachinda Road. For details of the 2014 Phimai festival see here:

Phimai candle procession 2014

In Phimai, as in some other towns and cities in Thailand, a parade or procession is held which is commonly called a candle festival or candle procession. It is a procession or parade of wax decorated floats which have a large candle making up part of the decoration.

Candle parade Phimai 2014

Local temples and people in the local community decorate floats with figures that mostly show Buddhist related themes.

candle procession winner Phimai

The decorated floats are judged and prizes are given to the winners of each category. One of this year’s winners was the float from wat burapa-pimon – shown above and below.

candle procession winner wat bung Phimai

There are also prizes for groups of people from local communities who dress up and enter the parade either walking or with a float. In the morning, the procession goes around the old part of the town starting and finishing at the Town Clock. Prize winners are announced in the area near the Town Clock, marked in dark red on the map below.

Phimai candle procession route 2014

Candle processions in Thailand take place around the start of Buddhist Lent (kao pansa – เข้าพรรษา). The start of Buddhist Lent in 2014 is 12 July. The candle procession in Phimai takes place the day before Buddhist Lent, which is today, 11 July 2014,

Phimai candle procession sign 2014

In Korat, the candle procession will take place tomorrow,  12 July in 2014, the start of Buddhist Lent in Thailand. Buddhist Lent in Thailand continues for three months. The end of Buddhist Lent (ork pansa – ออกพรรษา) in Thailand in 2014 will be on 8 October.

Phimai cinema

There is a small cinema in Phimai town. It is located at the junction of Haruethairom Road and Suriya-atsadong Road. The entrance is on Suriya-atsadong Road.

The cinema is clean, modern and air conditioned.  There is no food for sale inside the cinema but there is a small shop next to the cinema that sells snacks and soft drinks.

Cinema in Phimai town

The cost of entrance is 50 baht per person. It is the same price for everyone. There are no concessions – not even for children.

Pay your money to the attendant at the door (no tickets will be issued), enter the building and immediately turn right and walk up the short flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs is a door. Enter the door and find a seat.  The cinema has seats for approximately 150 people.

Phimai cinema show timesMovies are shown twice a day with programmes starting at 12.30pm and 7.30pm.  As far as I know, the movies shown are all dubbed in Thai. When I went, there were no subtitles.

Cinema location map in Phimai

Map showing the location of the cinema in Phimai town, Nakhonratchasima province.


Phimai town now has two cinemas. The new cinema, EGV, is located inside the Tesco Lotus supermarket building. It opened on 20th October 2016.

EGV Phimai

Below is a map showing the location of the new EGV cinema.

EGV cinema in Pimai